Gospel Threads is a modern day Christian T-shirt line that offers high quality and creative designs, while capturing the essence of a Christian, spirited lifestyle. launched in 2008 and based in Southern California, Gospel Threads has set out to create witnessing attire for our world where people can use to make a difference by witnessing and soul winning for Jesus locally or abroad as you travel the world.

By combining our love and drive for Christ along with witnessing and our God given gift of creating innovative and compelling graphic designs, many lives have been changed and continue to be changed world wide.

As a global lifestyle brand and with the world as our witnessing territory and with many time zones, borders, economies, and cultures to cross, time is short to spread the everlasting gospel to a dying world about God's saving grace for all who accept it freely.

So, Increase your witnessing impact today, by wearing one of our t-shirts today and start planting seeds unknowingly and sparking the interest in the Gospel message to all humanity.

Docile hearts are waiting, are you ready for your spiritual experience?